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So, is there a guide to turn into each pokemon?


Easy, when the game asks for your name, type the name of the Pokémon you want to be. That way, all que quizes are skipped. Well, that worked for me some time ago, It's been a while I played this. I don't know if it still works that way.


The quizes are skipped*

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I got ditto ending, but are there any other secrect scenes?



what is this hecking game 





I was hoping for some art as well, but it's still pretty good.


what the fuck




bro love the fact that im 12 and playing this game lmao



God, this was creepy as hell...


tried in first playthrough, not bad at all, tho I was hoping for some images


The image is very misleading, I expected art for each transformation. How boring.


This was amazing, but I would've loved to be made into Grovyle's personal cum dump!

Sidenote, kind of a shame there wasn't an option for bisexual.  It could tease you and be like "Almost there... but not quite correct"

hey, can't the game be downloable?

my browser isn't running it


The story was pretty good, but it's too bad that there are no picture with, it could make the game more appreciable :)


it called me gay


how do i get secret ending?


everytime restarts after it says to shut down. how I am supposed to procee

the secret ending surprised me, but honestly it was an amazing game 


How do you get it?

im not sure , but i think you need varied responses to the personality test. However it works, it involves a ditto so answer randomly and you might get lucky.

Name yourself ditto

No thanks :D



Will there be a version were you can download this game?

Its great!
I hope there is a squeal or something like that, maybe a little longer one?
my friends loved this when I showed them this.

Will we always end up as a Quilava, or can we turn into other pokemons?

There are 11 different Pokemon, depending on your answers to the first quiz.

Ah, okay. Thank you.

Just out of curiosity, do you have the intent of finish your other story, or continuing this one?


not funny dint laufgh.\


Not meant to be funny. You missed the point.


didnt see pens not cool bro


It's cool...Maybe to short